NTH Media is committed to conducting its business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner. It aim to create long term value for its business and for host countries, and is committed to making a positive contribution to local communities. NTH Media aim to support host government and local communities develop, both socially and economically through supporting education programs and by training local employee, contractor and students. It also plans to invest socially to build capacity and improve living conditions. We have established a dedicated CSR function to support Business Units in managing and implementing CSR programs. NTH Media also rolled out a new process for establishing social investment strategies, which are tailored to local socio-economic needs. The focus is on identifying and delivering value-adding projects that use knowledge and skills of NTH Media Management Team.


Our operation can have direct and indirect impacts on the environment. We work to minimize our potential effect, complying with or exceeding relevant regulations. NTH Media believes openness and collaboration are essential to being a responsible partner.